Select an Ideal Wifi Spy Camera

Whether you want to keep an eye on your car, catch your cheating spouse or want to monitor nanny/baby sitter, spy cam is one solution for all your problems. The term “spy camera” is like an umbrella which enfolds various types of hidden cameras such as wireless spy cams, nanny cams, small hidden cams which can be inbuilt in the clocks, smoke detectors, pens, keychain, alarm clock and other household objects which are frequently used.

The list nanny cams are endless. Every wifi spy camera has distinct features which cater different needs. So many features, specifications can really piss you off while buying a spy cam. However, if you keep the following things in mind than it would be easy for you to buy an ideal nanny camera

-Receiver- Receiver is a device where all the recordings are transmitted from the device. Sometimes dealers and manufacturers sell hidden camera without a receiver since it is cheap than one with the receiver. So make sure that the device you are buying comes along with the receiver if not than buying the receiver separately will cost you more.

-Location- The location where you are going to place the nanny cam matters a lot. So it’s very important to buy the spy cam according to the location. For example if you want hidden camera for your children’s play room than you can go with the one which can be concealed in the teddy bear, watch or in any other ordinary object which does not catch others fancy. Similarly, if you want to implant the camera in your office than choose a hidden camera which can be built-in the antique or other objects placed in the working area.

-Money: Your budget plays a vital role in buying a correct camera. First of all you need to decide the price that you are willing to invest. A basic set up will cost you Rs 5000/- and there is no end of the price, it keeps on increasing with the key features and specification. A wide range of Spy Camera in India are available at online and offline spy stores.

-Distance between camera and receiver- People generally implant spy camera in an aloof area where others cannot suspect where as they place their receiver in the living or bedroom so that they can see the recording conveniently. A typical camera can transmit 100-1000 feet depending on the obstructions.

-Size: The hidden camera varies from a small to big camera that is visible.

-Lighting: Will the camera be located in a dimly lit room? Do you need night vision? Depending on the lighting, you may need to invest a little more money and get a camera that can capture clear images in low lighting.

-Picture Quality: Will you need to identify someone from the video footage or do you just need to see someone moving around? Usually 380 lines of resolution is high enough for detailed usage. Give a deep thought before buying the device, so that you don’t regret for anything later. Spy camera in Kolkata is available at spy shops and with dealers and suppliers of spy gadget.